Great hotels serving Las Vegas families

There are many good hotels in Las Vegas to choose from, but parents traveling with children are looking for a different type of experience than an experienced gambler. Fortunately, there are some great hotels in Las Vegas that cater to the young crowd, ensuring that the whole family has a great time.

Circus, Circus is a great option for a family vacation in Las Vegas. The facility consists of three towers that connect to the heavenly channel, which is viewed by most children as the first attraction. Inside the complex, Adventatedome is the largest indoor park in the world, and a perfect destination for fun kids. Circus themed shows and wandering performers are plentiful, and everyone will enjoy miniature golf, bungee jumping and more than 200 carnival games. Of course, parents will enjoy a 100,000-square-foot casino and great restaurants.

Another family-oriented home in Las Vegas is Excalibur. Designed to duplicate the home of King Arthur's Camelot, Excalibur provides children and experiences like walking in a fairy tale. Families roam the suburbs to get into the property, and every detail is charming. The first floor of the hotel is designed especially for children, full of carnival games and arcades and themed entertainment. There are waterfalls and a range of water in most swimming pools, and the popular attraction for dinner is the "King's Tournament" featuring dragons, jugglers, wizards, and great food. The large, themed casino is a treat for parents as well as other great property restaurants.

Another interesting family-run hotel is Luxor, an Egyptian pyramid located in Lasorg. This magnificent hotel is actually bigger than the pyramids of Egypt and is maintained by a truly stylish Sphinx. Children will enjoy a video of two stories or the IMAX theater. All rooms have sloping walls inviting geometry lessons and furniture decorated with Egyptian symbols. The kids love to explore the rest of the Kuth Tut cemetery and the adjacent museum, saying they are pretty valid. The site has five swimming pools and an Egyptian movement simulator. Of course, spacious casinos and a host of restaurants are joining world-class restaurants for parents to enjoy.

If you are traveling with younger children and need a little 'alone' time, consider the Orleans Hotel. They created their parents' dream with Kids Tyme, a daycare facility with a spectacular grand jungle gym, arts and crafts activities and movies. The center is open 7 days a week and caters for children 2 to 12 years old. The site also has a huge bowling center with 70 zones, an arcade of 18 theaters and a Tyme Out video game arcade. The property also has a swimming pool, spa and fitness center and a splendid exhibition hall. Of course, the adjacent casino gives the adults a great opportunity to enjoy themselves as well.

Consider these great hotels and make your next trip to Las Vegas a family affair. Everyone can have a great time in Vegas.