Phuket is the garden of Eden in Asia

In particular, Phuket’s Patong Beach is known for its bustling, adult-only nightlife, while Kata և Karon beaches are known for their healthy, family-friendly entertainment. There are countless choices of quiet beaches that will allow you to unwind and relax. Along with all this, the beaches are a part of history when it comes to Phuket as one of the most popular holiday destinations. There is a real treasury in Phuket, Thailand, where you can visit places and find things. You just have to do a little research to find them all.

Places to visit և activity options

• Phuket FantaSea Show. The Phuket FantaSea Show provides water-themed circus-level performances. It’s a Vegas-style show that provides entertainment that people of all ages will no doubt appreciate. In it you will see pyrotechnics, elephants on stage, trapeze artists, etc. Having said that, it is not an ordinary circus. Since it is held in Thailand, it is natural that the FantaSea Show presents traditional Thai myths with a mixture of loose plot, fantasy and humor, which have captured the imagination of guests for years. It’s a very exaggerated: entertaining theatrical performance that no self-respecting Pukhet tourist should ever miss. Must see.

• Pukhet panoramas. Even when staying in your luxury Phuket resort, you will definitely see the best panoramas available to you in Phuket. And vice versa, the best views Ph backgrounds found in Phuket will make you enchanted: enchanted. Whether you are traveling east or west from Phuket, you will definitely find the best views of the sunrise or sunset. In particular, Promthep is one of the most magnificent attractions you will ever see. in a sense, it looks like the picture will come to life. Nearby Phi Phi Island has a great view of the ocean, which is also worth a look at one or two pictures. Don’t forget to have a cocktail at the After Beach Bar or explore the top of Three Beaches Hill on the road between Kata and Nai Harn. The sunset of any of these places will break your heart with its beauty.

• Old Phuket town. A visit to the Old Town of Phuket will bring you fun shops and great Chinese-Portuguese luxury. If you are interested in history and culture, then entering the heart of the sleepy provincial center of Pukhet is recommended for you in the pursuit of experience. Old Phuket Town provides you with the best restaurants, the most photographed local attractions, a unique blend of Chinese’s colonial architecture that will take you by surprise. Afternoon in Old Phuket is exactly what the doctor ordered for shopping, delicious food, the best of both worlds, old and new. Visiting this place is like entering a portal where both the present and the past meet.