Mysterious hotels. How to cheat – maybe get a deal?

We’ve spent some time looking at’s Mystery Hotel range նոր new mystery offers on ot In some cases, LastMinute’s descriptions of its mysterious hotels make it quite easy to specify a real hotel. Wotif’s mysterious hotels are a bit difficult to imagine, but there are some drawbacks, for example, they can sell “Comfort” Grand “Grand Comfort” rooms in a mysterious hotel, so you just go through the list of other Wotif hotels in the same city և see that the hotel uses that description for its rooms. The American company Priceline was the author of the mysterious hotel deal, we have always had serious doubts about their use.

The main objection is that instead of seeing a discounted price at a special hotel (a 20% discount from regular agent prices is quite normal for both LastMinute and Wotif), Priceline does not give you any information about the real hotel, և you you have to offer a price. are you ready to pay? The price tag helps a little. It divides cities by area: shows the normal retail price of hotels in different star categories և offers a possible discount that you should apply when offering a price. However, there is a huge risk that you will end up paying more than you need. The buyer could set a secret minimum price of $ 80 per night, but if someone buys $ 95, the company will be happy to accept the offer. Also, in recent years, the business has been very good for the hotel industry, և we suspect that Pricelin was selling some hotel rooms that would otherwise have difficulty attracting guests. In other words, you can end up paying lower hotel rates.

But now the game has changed a bit. Quite a few hotels have empty rooms, they are ready to sell them at low prices through Priceline, remaining anonymous, so as not to damage their normal reputation. And we have found a fairly handy guide to help you avoid some of the pitfalls of the Price Line.

One community forum for Priceline (W HotWire, Expedia for more US customers) at The first page is a bit cluttered, but all you have to do is scroll down to find the forum area you want to visit. Select Boston և The first entry will be the list of hotels purchased by Forum members through Priceline. There is no guarantee that this list is completely accurate. Hotels will come and go, depending on the season or accommodation. You will then be taken to the most recent messages where members have listed deals that they have actually purchased from Priceline. You can see that two days ago, someone was able to bid $ 80 for a room in Omni Parker, and the $ 85 bid was placed in Hyatt Regency a week earlier. You need to pay close attention to when the bookings were made (on weekdays or weekends) և how soon the bookings were made, as this will definitely affect the price.

This site works best with Priceline USA Hotels. International booking records are much rarer. If you want to stay in Venice in May, it is useless to know that someone was able to offer $ 90 in February for a room at the Hilton Molino.

All buyer prices are before the terrible “taxes and levies”, which can add a lot of money in general, clearly include generous service charges. We could not see how they turned out to be 28 28 for a basic value of: 92. At least you see this figure before submitting your application.

When you are ready to move on, you need to provide your payment details. If the application is accepted, your money will be taken immediately, հնարավորություն there is no possibility of cancellation or change. If the application is not accepted, no money will be withdrawn, և you are only allowed to withdraw if you change some of the terms of the original application. Betterbidding offers a way out of this. Let’s say you want to stay in a five-star hotel in a Paris area. Your initial application has been rejected, so you change your application to include another area of ​​Paris, but the area you can see from Betterbidding does not have a five-star Priceline hotel. Assuming that Priyslin did not suddenly add a new hotel (which is a very real possibility), then your added application for the hotel you want must be accepted.

Betterbidding also provides the same range of information for HotWire. This is part of the same group of owners of Expedia և, which is mainly intended for US customers և Payment is made in dollars, effectively increasing the cost of UK customers.

The HotWire system is similar to Priceline, the application aspect is removed. You know in advance the star rating, the area of ​​the city involved և the total cost (plus taxes and levies). A quick look at Betterbidding gives you an idea of ​​which hotels it sells in different categories և cities. The site is not as strong in hotels outside of North America as the Price Chart.

With both of these sites, we recommend that you try to find out the prices of direct or similar hotels. Neither nor Expedia / (the companies behind these mysterious sites) are listed for selling cheap hotels. In some cases, a 20% discount on their interest rates equals only the 10% discount rates available elsewhere. If you think you can get a room in Luxor, Las Vegas for $ 65, you might want to take the guesswork out of booking a hotel directly for և $ 72.

We certainly can not offer Priceline և Betterbidding to everyone. It can be very time consuming and dangerous. There is a huge potential for error. You can easily pay quite a lot for the hotel you want. Another significant risk is that you can get carried away with the whole game, focusing too much on “winning” rather than finding a hotel that suits you. However, there are some real deals, especially in the US, where Priceline is stronger, տեղեկություններ There is a lot of information about Betterbidding. If you spend a few nights in one of the hotels in New York, և you have the time and patience, you can just get a good deal.

Will I get the worst hotel room if I order a mysterious deal at a special price?

It is possible that several hotels would use these mysterious deals to sell a few less desirable rooms that they would not normally sell until the hotel was full. Most hotels will give you a standard room, but as is common for agents booked at special rates, this is likely to be the lowest category room. Better rooms may be on higher floors, with more modern furnishings or a better view, և they will probably be provided to customers who have booked the hotel directly.

But …

If you have booked a standard room with an agent (whether it is Priceline or not), there is no reason why you should not be able to upgrade your room as soon as you arrive. Many hotels are more than happy to convert clients to new floors (perhaps an extra 30 30 per night) or provide them with a larger room or a room with a better view. Hotels are looking for extra income at every opportunity, և if someone offers them money, և they have better rooms, they are unlikely to refuse. Interestingly, this method can often lead to free upgrades. The receptionist may find it extremely frightening to pay extra for a computer system և simply to provide a better room without charge. An offer to pay for an upgrade may be a better way to get a free upgrade than just asking.