Timeshare Vacation Offers Deal or deception?

When did you receive one of the phone calls or emails from that vacation offer? You know, those who promise to rent apartments և parks for a fraction of the usual costs if you participate in the presentation of time stocks. If so, you may have wondered if it’s worth pursuing. Well, I’m not ashamed to stand up and say, “I did it.” My mother and I went on vacation together, and for the first three days we took advantage of one of those great vacation offers. Here is my experience.

Last spring, my grandmother received an unexpected phone call in a dress that offered cheap Orlando hotel rooms և Disney Park tickets. My grandmother always wanted to go, so she called my mother and asked her to investigate. My mom found out that this company (Vacation Showroom, Inc.) offers a $ 99 / person vacation package to stay in some or all of the cities (Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Williamsburg Ve Las Vegas). Orlando promised to stay overnight at the hotel for just 5 minutes from the Disney parks, plus a one-day park trip for one person. He was told he would have to pay a $ 30 booking fee, that Orlando’s location would cost an additional $ 29, and that he would have to attend a sales breakfast. Thinking it would be an affordable way to take my grandmother on vacation, she bought it. The purchase of the package cost him $ 228. Alas, my grandmother passed away before this trip, I went to her place.

The package promised to find “quality” accommodation within 10 minutes of attractions such as AmeriHost, Ramada Plaza 1000 or Radisson Barcelona. We could not name one of these hotels. One will be selected for us based on availability at the time of booking. As it turned out, we were booked at Amerihost, one of the three hotels closest to Walt Disney World. Before the trip, I did some research and confirmed that Amerihost offers free transportation to the world of Walt Disney. The booking agent mentioned that we need to confirm our late arrival (at 20:00 in the evening) on ​​the morning of the registration day. My conscientious mother called before she left for the airport to confirm our arrival. So far so good.

Our flight arrived early in the evening, we got a taxi to “Amerihost”. We did not rent a car because the hotel was evacuated to Walt Disney World. Arriving at the hotel, we wandered around a bit, trying to find the holiday package registration desk, which turned out to be WAY at the back of the hotel. We spent a good half hour on this. Finally, my mom checked in with the people in the vacation hall for an hour and got a hotel voucher. With the receipt in hand, we went to the hotel check-in desk to get our room վելու to crash. Alas, this was not going to happen. When it came time to check in, we were told that although we had confirmed our stay that morning, the hotel was overcrowded and we could stay at Ramada Plaza 1000 instead. We both said unanimously. “We do not have transport.” But the hotel staff did not move. After much complaining and bargaining, they finally agreed to transport us back to Ramada to return. We were instructed to return to the Vacation Hall office to book our share presentation meeting (required to get park tickets), then go to Ramada.

So we took our luggage back to the office, registered for the stock submission ($ 20 deposit required), and moved from one of the employees to the van ($ 5 tip). It was a good 20-25 minute drive to Ramada. When we settled in, we learned that not only was there no other transport to Disney, but that the restaurant was just closed, and there was not even a cafeteria within walking distance. So we got to our room, ordered customers from the delivery place, and fell asleep exhausted. This is not a good start for us.

The next morning at the opening (at 8:00 am) we showed up at the Vacation Gallery office to inquire if we had the promised return transport. My mom got distracted, so I tried. After insisting, the representative said that he was moving us. It turned out that he had called a city car company, and from the moment he stopped us at Amerihost, the driver insisted on $ 40 for the trip. No way! I went in and talked to the clerk at the front desk, and they paid the driver. However, we did give the driver a $ 5 tip.

Finally, we need to sign up for Amerihost. The smoking room was the only room, but we took it so we could continue our day. Unfortunately, while we were taking the luggage out of the room, the last shuttle came out in the morning. We asked at the concierge’s desk about moving to the Animal Kingdom, and we were told that their driver could take both of us for $ 20. Going down to go, we agreed. Direction was good, we reported $ $ 5.

The presentation of the Times time share was the next day. While we were both scared of it, we knew it had to be done to get tickets to the park. So, at the appointed time, we arrived at the hotel lobby and headed to Silver Lake Resort. There we waited for the stock to be presented. As it turned out, the individual sales representatives came out and called out the individual names – one sales representative on each side. Yes, we thought we would be safe in a group.

Our Times stock representative led us to a large meeting room with 40 small tables and chairs. A very poor “breakfast snack” was placed on one side. It was a regular continental breakfast fare, not so appetizing. After chatting about the family and accidentally spilling coffee on my mother, she started talking about the value of vacations and the cost of saving money on them. We knew all this, but hey, whatever. About an hour later, he toured the two- and three-room cabinets at Silver and Resort. They looked good. There is nothing comparable to the resorts of the Disney Vacation Club, but it’s all right. It was a difficult time selling. He went out of his meter and told my mother what the monthly payments would be when she bought the share of time. My mother asked very polite questions, she was sincerely interested, but she said very firmly that she could not make a decision immediately. He pushed more, և more, և more. When my mother did not back down, she was disappointed (she actually put her head in her hands and sighed enormously). Finally, an hour later, he became angry without joking. He made it clear that we were wasting his time. Yes! He would keep us for an hour longer than we were told he would give the stock time presentation. When he finally surrendered, he let us go, I smiled, thanked him for his time. He turned roughly. And as he ran his allotted time, we returned to Amerihost late and missed the shuttle. We spent another $ 25 to reach Epcot.

The good news: After the presentation, we got two one-day tickets to the park. Well, they were actually vouchers, but we had no problem changing them for real tickets to connect with guests in the parks.

In total, the experience cost us $ 346 when you add transportation costs. Regular rates for staying at Amerihost would cost $ 69 / night, plus $ 53 x 2 tickets, for a total of $ 313. In addition, we would not have overcrowding (regular customers were given rooms), traffic jams, or wasted half a day ացում deteriorating stock time presentation.

Was it worth it? If we were to stay in other cities (every two nights in Fort Lauderdale, Williamsburg, Las Vegas at no extra charge, if you do not count the portion of the show that comes with each visit), you might have our own transportation, – but that might be great is: Otherwise NO CASE! We hated the hassle, we hated the lack of control, we hated the sale of time-high stocks. This was not a deal. And while I would not call it a hoax, I do not think “overpriced advertising” is too far-fetched.

My advice: Stay away from temporal stock presentations until you have wasted time and money.

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