African Safari adventure in Wisconsin, Callahar, Delhi

The Calahari Hotel in Wisconsin Dels is an ideal vacation spot for tourists who want to experience the adventures of the African Safari without having to travel to Africa. The hotel has a large collection of family items, jungle plants, African murals and many other African attractions.

The hotel has its own large indoor water park, which is ideal for the whole family to enjoy with friends.

The guests are welcomed by the friendly staff. The lobby of the hotel is full of different African decors. As a tradition, each guest is provided with a colorful bracelet, which serves as a gateway to access water park facilities.

The hotel consists of more than 700 spacious rooms, mostly called Hut Rooms. These safari-style rooms are equipped with a microwave, mini fridge, iron, hairdryer, color TV, coffee maker and other electronic amenities.

Other types of rooms found in the hotel are as follows:

o Queen of Africa

o Bird’s eye

o Combination

o Horizon

o Hospitality

o King vortex

o The Royal Queen of Africa

o Royal hospitality

o Royal King Whirlpool:

o Royal two-room family

Oh Safari

o Two-room family

Other types of rooms include:

o desert

Oh hut

oh lodge

O nomad

There are also cabinets or cottages for rent.

There are many restaurants in the hotel area, offering a variety of local and international cuisines. Kahunaville Restaurant is one of the restaurants that serves Las Vegas cuisine. Room meals can be arranged at these restaurants.

The indoor water park of the hotel creates great excitement and attraction, which can be enjoyed only by the guests of the hotel. It comes with a large area of ​​the dressing room. Park is one of the main attractions of the world.

o Master Blaster

o Tanzanian Twister:

o Rippling Rhino:

o lazy river

o Victoria Falls

o Flow Rider:

o Wave pool

Professional rescuers work in the Park world to ensure the safety of its guests. There are also unique swimming pools for children.

On the spot in the park world, children and adults can drink their favorite soft drink from the concessions around the area.

Guests can also have a drink at their favorite wine or dine at the Great Karoo just before the water park. It is strategically located to make the whole water world look great.

After the most exciting walk երկար Long day of adventure you can enjoy a relaxing spa treatment at Oasis Day Spa ահ salon. It offers several natural spa treatments that are sure to give you the most relaxing experience you can ever have.

Hotel guests can also get hands-on experience in creating these pottery masterpieces at Pottery Pizzazz. This store also sells a wide range of pots that are clearly designed to be ideal as souvenirs.

Enjoy a great shopping experience at Zakanaka, which features a wide range of beaches, souvenirs, safari items and African clothing.

The hotel is also looking forward to any social gathering or business related events such as trade shows, exhibitions, weddings, parties or corporate meetings. There are many consultation rooms to choose from. Catering services can be arranged for a special occasion.

The Wisconsin Delhi Callahar Hotel is a truly unique hotel that offers the most complete package for your holiday adventures.