Heavenly Ghana Tour


The Republic of Ghana is located in West Africa. The country has a variety of relief: beaches, deserts, highlands. The weather conditions are ideal for foreigners. However, Ghana is the closest country to the equator. therefore, it mainly has a warm-humid climate during the year. Due to its different locations, Ghana has beautiful celestial places, which attracts many tourists to Ghana.

Requirements / information.

The only requirement to visit Ghana is the following. Passport – a visa issued by the home government. An exception for ECOWAS citizens is that their travel certificates are valid if a passport is not available. Vaccinations, especially vaccinations against malaria, cholera and yellow fever, should be considered before visiting Ghana. Medical facilities outside Accra are limited. The currency of Ghana is called “Cedi”, where $ 1 is equal to 14,055.8 cedi. All major international credit cards are accepted in Ghana.


The most important thing is to follow the horses of Ghana. These include bowing your knees, paying homage to a high-ranking official, shaking hands, always using your right hand to gather food, as well as paying for tips, commonly known as “dashes” in Ghana. It is very important to get permission before taking a photo.

Fly և fall down.

Flight, basic goods և accommodation is not a problem. You just have to do a little research to find the best package for them. Cheap flights to Accra, Ghana thanks to travel agencies, In terms of hotels և accommodation, guesthouses և 1st hotels are common. Even booking at 2-5 star hotels is not a difficult task. Car rental can be easily done according to one’s wish. Long-term rental with or without driver or driver.

Enjoying Ghana.

All the necessary arrangements հետո After receiving the information, you should know the places to visit in Ghana ությունները entertainment. Ghana is a country of rich cultural heritage, BC. 1500’s ancient history, traditions, events, nightlife, food, wine, fashion և style. When a traveler starts touring Ghana, all worries are forgotten. Beaches must be visited if one has the opportunity to travel to Accra. To name a few, Coco Beach և Bojo Beach are two great beaches. Archaeological sites increase the interest of tourists.

Cape Coast և St. George’s Cave Castle are two such sites that tell beautiful stories about Ghana’s glorious past. The National Museum of Ghana is a good choice for history buffs. Those interested in nature և adventures will definitely love the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial և Kakum National Park. Makola Market is a popular place to shop. However, it is advisable to shop in Ghana with the locals to get the best guidance, to avoid being misled or gently robbed. For entertainment, travelers should keep a calendar of Ghanaian cultural, traditional and social events.

The traditional celebrations of the villagers continue throughout the year. Meanwhile, the Accra beauty pageant, concerts and various other shows are very exciting. Music festivals, food: wine festivals և many other celebrations are part of Ghana’s life. Moreover, for night entertainment և for food try to do club work ել eat out at Zan’s bar և restaurant,, Monsoon և Mama Mia. There is an endless list of restaurants and bars that make Ghana a great place for food and wine lovers.