Experience a holiday in the Seychelles with its exotic beaches and sea life

The Seychelles, known as the closest place to the sky, the Seychelles, which is actually a group of more than 100 islands (called the archipelago), has to offer its tourists the perfect beauty in the image. Along with the soft white sand և clear waters on the beaches, you can enjoy lush plantations, beautiful granite rock formations, and the wonderful diversity of flora and fauna. Holidays in the Seychelles can enjoy a peaceful, secluded feel with unparalleled natural beauty. Seychelles is especially popular as a romantic destination where couples can enjoy some quality time with each other under the beautiful combination of flora, fauna and special landscapes. If you really want to explore the area, you should rent a Seychelles Islands Guide that can show you the most beautiful places in the destination և can explain the local culture և traditions. Located in the Indian Ocean, this group of 115 islands offers you an amazing experience with its beauty, where 41 inland islands are made of granite, and the rest are made up of low-lying coral atolls with small islands of sails.

The largest island in the Seychelles is Mahen և Victoria. The capital of the country is a part of this island. It has a popular morning market where you can see lively scenes with sellers and buyers all trying to make a good deal. Fresh fish, fruits ական local produce are usually sold in these thriving markets. You will find luxury coral items, jewelry and other gifts as souvenirs. While on the move, you should definitely try the giant coconut with an unusual egg, known as Coco De Mer Coconut, known as a powerful aphrodisiac. There are many cruises and charters in the Seychelles that depart from Victoria every day. Here you can enjoy the wonderful life of the sea without getting wet. You can catch marina tuna during a deep fishing trip. You can sail to a offshore farm where you will learn about the protected species of islands.

If you are a romantic at heart, you should not miss out on one of the traditional luxury sunset cruises. Sunset cruises depart daily from the port of Victoria, which includes a delicious Creole island dinner on the desert island with local band music and dancing. Seychelles The best way to get the most out of your trip is to choose Seychelles vacation packages that include visits to all the sights.

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