All you can eat in Harare – the best restaurants

Zimbabwe is known as one of the most beautiful countries in Africa և Harara is undoubtedly the beating heart of the country. The generous city of Harare justifiably bears this famous title, as it has everything the capital should have.

When booking cheap flights to Harare, many visitors are completely enchanted as soon as they realize the natural beauty that pervades its borders. Adding to the exoticism of the city is its comfortably designed environment. Although Harare is lively about its lifestyle, contrary to the perception of dullness and boredom that some of you may have about Africa in general, you would not find narrow streets or bloated avenues in Harare. More than a deliberate city, Harare is home to some of the richest people in imb imbabwe, so it has many chic restaurants, bright five-star lights, superbly nourished parks and gardens.

When it comes to local African և Zimbabwean cuisine, Harare restaurants are known as a top choice. Visitors would not only find a nice decoration that would complement the tempting atmosphere, but it is also good to lick the food served in many places with simple fingers. Let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants in Harare.

Seasons restaurant.

Probably the best restaurant in Harare, which offers efficient services, delicious food և perfect environment for dining, Seasons restaurant is a must visit. Guests can choose from an elegant indoor dinner or take a seat in the restaurant’s refreshing garden. The restaurant has two sections that offer a wide range in their areas. The Bamboo Inn offers some of the finest Chinese delicacies. Its features include sweet and sour pork, noodles, rice and special spring rolls.

If Chinese cuisine is not your thing, go to Season’s rich menu, which offers a variety of juicy steaks, crispy burgers, ribs, chicken, beef dishes, salads of different styles. The seasons provide the best environment for true mouth watering fun.

La Fontaine:

If this is a special occasion you want to celebrate in Harare, you do not need to look for a suitable place in the city. La Fontaine Grill Room is in the right place. Staying at one of the most famous 5-star hotels in Harare, the Michels Hotel, La Fontaine would have a subtle blend of delicacy, luxury and fine dining. The restaurant offers la la carte և delicious French assortment.

Fusion Cafe Bar:

In fact, Harare’s most popular dance club, Fusion Cafe Bar, offers one of the best sushi in town. Moreover, the cafe offers pleasant lunch deals on a beautiful balcony during the competition days. You should not miss the time spent with the charming music in Fusion Cafe.

Victoria twenty-two.

Restore the traditional feel of Harara in this historic building, which once served as a colony in the British era. Victoria Twenty-Two is now considered a high standard restaurant, which now has a rather snowy atmosphere and a sophisticated lunch. Moreover, the food served here is amazing.

In addition to the hand-picked restaurants mentioned above, try Arnaldo’s Restaurant, Bannies Restaurant, Coffee Shop, and several other shops when you can book cheap flights to Harare.