Top 10 Restaurants to Visit for Your Delhi Vacation Package

In the northern Indian subway city of Delhi, there is a famous brick minaret called Qutub Minar, the Gate of India, and the impressive Lotus Temple. But the city is also known as a favorite place to eat. People from distant places like Bangalore և Mumbai fly to Delhi from Bangalore ելի Delhi to Mumbai not only to enjoy the sights but also to explore the culture and food of Delhi.

Here are 10 famous restaurants in Delhi that you should check out.

FireplaceThe fireplace has reached a symbolic level among Asian restaurants. It is one of the highest rated restaurants in the world and must be visited by any tourist. Its atmosphere is perfect and the kebabs are a special attraction.

Karim HotelThe Delhi Vacation Package is designed to take you to many great places, one of which may just be the famous Karim Hotel. “Karim” hotel is one of the oldest restaurants in the country and is especially proud of its Mughal cuisine. The hotel shows our past through his eyes.

Punjabi by nature“Punjab Nature” may sound like Punjab, but it is a restaurant for everyone, including foreigners. Its high quality service և Delicious Golpapans enjoyed a very high reputation in the restaurant. In addition, it is conveniently located in the mall, thus attracting both food and buyers.

Veda“Veda” is about the whole environment. With candles, chandeliers and dark red backgrounds, you can really have a very rich experience here. Its wine service is also commendable, ան the lamb leg is an amazing delight.

Chor is weirdChor Bizarre is a unique restaurant է included in the list simply because of its intriguing choice of և food և services. Not only do you have to eat here, you also have to take a mini tour.

Park BaluchiPark Balluchi is one of your favorite restaurants where you can taste many cuisines. In addition to serving Indian dishes, the restaurant is also known for serving Afghan dishes. This is one of the places where you can try your hand at tasting.

ShalomWhen buying a vacation package, be sure to include Shalom in your itinerary. Shalom is a wonderful restaurant that beautifully merges the two worlds. It has twin personalities who reflect both Eastern and Western culture. Its menu also testifies to this with a variety of cuisines on the tray. If you like Italian / Spanish food, this place can fulfill all your wishes.

SwagSwagath is another popular restaurant in Delhi, known for two special reasons: its South Indian cuisine, especially the Bombay Duck.

Yum Yam treeThe Yum Yum Tree is another delicious restaurant in a delicious corner of South Delhi. It cooks a variety of Chinese-Singaporean cuisine for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Italian piece“Italian Piece” is a paradise for lovers of Italian dishes. But it also serves as a mouth-watering Indian cuisine.

The easiest way to enjoy all these cuisines is to book your Delhi flights early վաղ Delhi hotels. You can also purchase the all-inclusive Delhi tour package.