Singapore – The final venue of the Games

Singapore, the “paradise of visitors”, is ready to overshadow Las Vegas, as a popular gaming place, where more travelers choose it as their favorite gaming place. Be disappointed by one of the best game halls; Gossip in some poker rooms և Enjoy heartwarming entertainment in Singapore that you will all love.

Recently legalized gambling is spreading faster in Asia, և Singapore is emerging as the hottest spot in the Asian Games. Resort World Casino, Sentosa, is a unique gaming floor in Singapore, where celebrations are at their peak. Owned by one of the oldest operators of the Asian Games, casinos come out with endless operations. A wide array of board games, slot machines, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and casino-style poker games will keep you entertained. In addition to the game, you can see the magnificent glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly, taste the best culinary delights of Singapore և watch high quality shows. Tourists over the age of 21 with a valid passport can enter the casino. Resort World Sentosa is an amazing casino և home to big hotels, theme parks, trendy shops, maritime museums և sea parks.

Marina Bay Sands, a $ 5.5 billion casino, is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. From Bakara to Studapore Poker in Singapore, you get everything you are looking for. Have the opportunity to make love և explore some agile board games. A combination of dealer և electronic bets with world-class performances of jazz legends և pop sensations at The Shoppes or opening your appetite with a choice of Chinese and Indians. or Malay salty cuisines. This is probably a place where you can shop before you fall. Marina Bay Sands is the place where everything comes together.

Roll up for tough fans at Universal Studio in Singapore. Hop on trendy walks; Try the Transformers The Ride -3D show or the beach tour with Battlestar Glactica. It’s absolutely “universal” և you will never forget the excitement.

The Singapore Cable Car, Asia’s first ropeway museum, features a view of the Singapore Sky Bird. Incredible! The beautiful view of the city from Mount Faber is a really interesting step from the game ships to the sky. Walk in the sky of scenery, not only beautiful but also fun.

Singapore Poker has also become very popular. Singap Arman Singapore does not have a poker room, the great news for poker players is that Resorts World Sentosa plans to open poker rooms soon. The underground poker network operates throughout Singapore, where fans organize games. It is not easy to get a place in these games, և entry is strictly limited only by invitation.

Singapore Flyer – the biggest viewing wheel և This is an interesting place. Visitors can enjoy a real flight simulator, a dream trip. Enjoy a unique experience of Malaysia, Indonesia եզ Singapore three countries while flying high in the sky.

Singapore also offers a variety of sports betting for international, indoor soccer, Grand Prix Auto races. Paint Ball game, made with a special paint ball gun, also attracts guests. Whether playing indoors or outdoors, different sized pitches offer a realistic and unique experience. Red Dynasty Paint Ball Park և Bottle Tree Park offers the best paintball scenarios.

The attractions here are huge and varied, be it shopping, diving in a comfortable atmosphere or engaging in a variety of sports or games, Singapore is just wonderful.


Experience a holiday in the Seychelles with its exotic beaches and sea life

The Seychelles, known as the closest place to the sky, the Seychelles, which is actually a group of more than 100 islands (called the archipelago), has to offer its tourists the perfect beauty in the image. Along with the soft white sand և clear waters on the beaches, you can enjoy lush plantations, beautiful granite rock formations, and the wonderful diversity of flora and fauna. Holidays in the Seychelles can enjoy a peaceful, secluded feel with unparalleled natural beauty. Seychelles is especially popular as a romantic destination where couples can enjoy some quality time with each other under the beautiful combination of flora, fauna and special landscapes. If you really want to explore the area, you should rent a Seychelles Islands Guide that can show you the most beautiful places in the destination և can explain the local culture և traditions. Located in the Indian Ocean, this group of 115 islands offers you an amazing experience with its beauty, where 41 inland islands are made of granite, and the rest are made up of low-lying coral atolls with small islands of sails.

The largest island in the Seychelles is Mahen և Victoria. The capital of the country is a part of this island. It has a popular morning market where you can see lively scenes with sellers and buyers all trying to make a good deal. Fresh fish, fruits ական local produce are usually sold in these thriving markets. You will find luxury coral items, jewelry and other gifts as souvenirs. While on the move, you should definitely try the giant coconut with an unusual egg, known as Coco De Mer Coconut, known as a powerful aphrodisiac. There are many cruises and charters in the Seychelles that depart from Victoria every day. Here you can enjoy the wonderful life of the sea without getting wet. You can catch marina tuna during a deep fishing trip. You can sail to a offshore farm where you will learn about the protected species of islands.

If you are a romantic at heart, you should not miss out on one of the traditional luxury sunset cruises. Sunset cruises depart daily from the port of Victoria, which includes a delicious Creole island dinner on the desert island with local band music and dancing. Seychelles The best way to get the most out of your trip is to choose Seychelles vacation packages that include visits to all the sights.

By this time you will definitely be interested in Seychelles tour packages, before booking your package you can go և explore attractive deals և offers on various travel portals where cheap flights, hotels և sightseeing packages are available in numbers.


Top 5 Luxury Travel Tips in Phuket

Known as the Pearl of Andaman, Phuket is the most famous island in Thailand, as it is one of its most amazingly beautiful. The endless stretches of white sandy beaches, the mysterious limestone cliffs rising from the clear blue waters, the dramatic sunset scenes – as you would imagine a lush retro island.

For the luxury traveler, Phuket offers the best in the world – natural beauty like a dream, peace ստի hidden sanctuaries, city nights և all the superior amenities that Phuket luxury resort can offer. Staying in style in a luxury Phuket resort is more than just a room, though there are many other things to consider. Here are five top-notch tips to keep in mind when planning your vacation in Phuket.

5. It is easier to reach Pukhet than ever before. When hovering over the island, you look out the window of your plane, Phuket can look like an isolated, idolatrous paradise. Although it still retains that sense of isolation, Phuket is now more accessible than ever. The many daily flights from Bangkok to Singapore are just the beginning. The airport operates direct flights from Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong and Australia to many other destinations in South East Asia. Your Phuket resort can help you understand the best way to get to Phuket.

4. Do you go before dropping? Do you want to be shocked? Not far from your luxurious Phuket resort, there will definitely be great shopping opportunities. Although it is easy to get lost in the labyrinth of cheap souvenirs on Patong Beach, there are wonderful and unique finds if the luxury traveler knows where to look. For example, the high-quality Surin Plaza mini-mall contains a number of shops specializing in charming elegance and well-crafted crafts, such as the Galleria Aleenta boutique. Ask your Phuket resort for more suggestions.

3. Unload the officer. Tired of being lazy under your personal umbrella while drinking pineapple? Well, even if you are not, the charm of the spa can still pull you to something luxurious. Try the famous Thai massage or seaweed body wrap. Whatever treatment you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used.

2. Why go in a group when you can be private? As part of its reputation as an international hotspot for luxury travelers around the world, Phuket has developed a thriving industry of private, static expeditions by land, sea or sky. Take a cruise on the Andaman by private jet to a deserted beach party, or spend a few days jumping off the island in your yacht on Phang Nga Bay. While it may be difficult to leave your luxury Phuket resort, one of these unique excursions is sure to entice even the most discerning beach bum.

1. Two words. Swimming pool villas. Nothing says luxury like your own private pool with your holiday villa. The end result of private indulgences is to immerse yourself whenever you want without having to worry about taking your living room chair. For example, at Anantara Phuket Resort and Spa, the entire property consists of luxury և private pool villas. Indeed, without them Phuket luxury resort is not complete.


Lagos Museums և Art Centers

Visiting museums, galleries, art centers is the ultimate approach to an in-depth understanding of Nigeria’s beautiful cultural values ​​and history. Lag tourists should fly to Lagos on flights to Lagos to explore Nigeria’s history and customs. The museums of Lagos take you back in the centuries of history, when Lagos was ruled by various royal powers – military dictators. Lagos Art Centers և galleries are considered one of the most magnificent in Africa.

National Museum. The National Museum is located in the city center, near the island of Lagos on the Avolovo road. It is admired for its vast collections of unique Nigerian arts and monuments. Travelers on cheap flights to Lagos should visit the museum. Some of the statues date back to prehistoric times and have often been studied as part of African history studies. The most valuable are the terracotta և bronze production և ivory bronze engravings. Many of the works of art were produced here during the reign of the Benin kings. The museum also organizes special tours of creative exhibitions such as “Treasures of Ancient Nigeria” and “Two Thousand Years of Heritage”.

Nike Art Center. Located on Lekki Road, the center is arguably the most compelling resource for Nigerian African arts and crafts. Some of his exhibitions have uncovered specimens from several hundred years ago, showing how several African flights to Lagos Crafts have merged in a modern, European way. A section dedicated to explaining how inks and stains eventually turn into fabric dyes.

In a small part of the center, the practice of sculpture by ancient African tribes is on display. The most famous section presents the beadwork of native craftsmen, as well as various embroidery-cheap flights to Lagos metallurgical works.


The capital of Ghana

Accra is the capital of Ghana, on the coast of West Africa. The city of Accra is divided into two parts, namely the Greater Accra region and the Accra Metropolis region. Accra is the economic, administrative and communication center of Ghana. About 70% of the country’s production capacity is located in this region. Accra has been the capital of Ghana since 1877. Historic public buildings show the city’s transition from a 19th-century suburb to a modern metropolis.

The famous sights of Accra are the National Theater with its unique, modern architecture. The National Museum has exhibits showing Ghanaian heritage from ancient times to the new era. The National Art Center has arts and crafts to suit all tastes. Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Independence Square, Accra International Conference Center, Makola Market և est Amestown Fishing Port.

It is historically known that Accra was founded by the people in the fourteenth century. Throughout its history, Accra served as a trading center with the Portuguese, who then built a small fortress in the city. However, at different times, this city remained under the influence of other European nations – the Swedes, the French, the Dutch, the Danes – the British, they built these nationals, they built their castles in Accra.

Today, Accra emerged as a developed city around the original city of Ga. The British, Dutch, Danish castles, and neighboring communities are also part of modern Accra. The city is spread across the Atlantic Ocean, with luxury hotels, nightclubs and restaurants of great value, which open to the coast. A wide range of excellent public monuments, commercial areas and museums. There are many studies, such as the busy market and tree-dwelling areas.


Wedding in New York

Easy, cheap, without stress. These are not words that are commonly associated with wedding planning. But a growing number of British couples are finding that sacred trinity by getting married in a particular city, New York.

Due to its symbolic location and famous sights, the Big Apple has an aesthetic appeal that is combined with its easy accessibility (straight six-hour flight) and even easier logistics. All you need to get married is a city registry office license, which you can get at least 24 hours in advance.

Rebecca Balcombe, 24, married her husband Neil in New York last May in front of close friends and family. “We were engaged in a balloon in Egypt. So we are not doing well. ” He says. Not wanting to spend 50 50 in Britain committing to a wider range of guests than they really would like, they were immediately intrigued by the idea of ​​getting married abroad. When they decided on New York. “We would never be, we always wanted to go,” was just an internet search needed to settle the matter. “We are literally googled New York weddings, there are so many different weddings here.” They found a minister, a photographer, booked hotels in Times Square, a local restaurant for a reception, and arranged for a ceremony to be held in Shakespeare’s Garden, Central Park, all without leaving home. “It was incredibly easy to arrange,” says Rebecca.

Alex Bartosyak-Smith and her husband, John On, had a similar experience when they were married in Central Park 18 months ago. “It would never be traditional. We wanted to do it for ourselves. It was not someone else’s day, it’s the most important day for us, ”says John On.

They invited just five guests to New York, a city they already knew and loved, against the backdrop of the Plant Hotel for an intimate Gapstow Bridge ceremony, followed by lunch at the Central Park Boathouse and later cocktails at the rooftop bar. Peninsula:

Britain women collected their rings and outfits in Britain, while everyone else was sorted by phone or online. “I just called a few restaurants from the house and booked them, it’s clear it was stress free,” says Alex. Hair, makeup և flowers were all arranged in New York after the couple arrived a week ago. They were so determined that they would spend stress-free time, even drop off business-class flights.

John On adds: “When we go on vacation, Alex does a lot of research. So the wedding was almost a holiday, but we needed to do some extra work. ”

In New York, both couples lived up to their expectations. “I would not change anything,” says Rebecca. And since the location automatically kept the number of guests, the total cost was not like the average 21 21,000 wedding wine in the UK. Rebecca և Neil spent around 000 9,000, including flights և seven nights in New York for three people (their other guests paid for their trip). In some parts of the UK, up to և 5,000 can be charged before the cost of food increases, which may explain why many couples are attracted to the benefits offered by New York. If you really want to simplify everything, you can even hold a Civil Ceremony at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau for just $ 25.

Photographer Brian Friedman ( has taken wedding photos of more than a hundred British couples getting married in New York over the past two years, realizing the charm of his hometown. “I think they are as fascinated by New York as I am by London or Paris. Many may want a more intimate, special affair. They do not want to have 200 people, they can get involved in some politics, they want to gather smaller. There is also a financial advantage. “

Sculpting this special place, Friedman believes that it is his duty as a New Yorker to ensure that his British clients have a successful wedding. “When you have a wedding where the couple is local, you do not help them as much as other people. But these guys come from 3,000 miles away, I felt like I wanted to take care of these people. ”

He adds: “It’s a great combination to introduce the British to the New York City landscape, because since I grew up in New York, I think I can do it. I see things out of the corner of my eye, I see a taxi or a bus or a sign that I know they like very much. It came naturally. “

Did marrying across the Atlantic undoubtedly satisfy her clients, and what about their families? “Everyone really supported us. If they could not come, it was acceptable, because it was a lot of money. “But we knew there would be some people there,” said Rebecca. “When we got home, a month later, we had a party for all our friends and family, so we really got the best of both worlds.”

By Caroline Bishop

And the best advantage of getting married in New York? You are already on your honeymoon.


My favorite vacation in India.

Musa– is called as: Queen of Hills, a beautiful hill station that is perfect for a pleasant family outing with family և friends և having a good time in its cool breeze.

This charming resort is located about 35 km from Dehradun, some major places of Hindu pilgrimage, such as Kedarnat, Badrinat, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Haridwar, Rishikesh, are not far from this place. Therefore, if you want to go to these places of worship and seek the blessings of God, they are all nearby.

The cold climate is great for relieving stress, taking walks, and visiting nearby popular tourist destinations. Among them were the Gun Hill, the municipal garden, the camel trail, which are famous for equestrian sports, and have a magnificent sunset.

Now, if you like the rain, you enjoy dancing in the waterfall, there are picnic spots that are great for bathing and having a good time. These include the fall of Bhatta և the fall of Campty. The lakes of Musur are famous for their pedestrian walks, they have a charming view of Dun gorge and the surrounding villages.

There is also the Childer Lodge, located on the highest peak of Muslor, near Lal Tibba և Char Dukan. It’s one of the best places in Missouri to have a fun snowy view. The cottage can be visited even on horseback. Evil Dukan got the name “4” because it consists of 4 (Hindi: char) dots that eat dots.

Well, if you are a fan of the site և you just can not do without clicking on the pictures and decorations, you should not forget to visit one of the best excursions of the mussel – Dhanaulti; It is famous for its green Deodar forests and mountain ranges.

Mussoorie’s main attraction is Mall Road. It consists of several hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, children’s և adult play stores. The road opens to the Library Road, followed by the Tibetan Market, where people can make some cheap purchases.

Above, Mussoorie will visit the best stations in the highlands during the year due to its pleasant climate, from October to November, when it is spring and green. The best season to visit Mussur is from April to June, again from September to November. When the plains of northern India experience heat waves, Mussuri welcomes the break. During this time the Himalayas are very clearly visible, in a very beautiful and picturesque form. In addition, accommodation can be used at the Honeymoon Inn այլ other hotels in Mussouri, so you do not have to worry too much about the accommodation options at this beautiful Hill station.


Kenya Vacation For First Time Visitors

Holidays in Kenya are guaranteed to make you want more. They say that the African spirit stays with you long after you leave, nowhere more so than in Kenya. It is one of the safest countries to travel in Africa and has the most beautiful natural beauty.

The first and most obvious vacation spot in Kenya is safari. One of the largest national parks in the world – the largest populations of native animals that roam freely – this is the place to see African animals. Lions, rhinos, hippos, elephants, giraffes, zebras can be found in abundance, seen throughout the year. One of the great places to visit is the pink flamingo, which is something that takes some time.

In addition to the magnificent wildlife, you should create a unit to visit Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the highest mountain range in Africa, it is just suffocating. With a few dormant volcanoes you can climb to մասը 9 if you are in good enough condition) և to see Africa like people would never want to. There are many camping opportunities on the mountain, many adventure sports in the base camps, and in the national parks at the foot of the mountain.

Holidays in Kenya are not all about wildlife, safaris and natural beauty. Mombasa is the second largest city with a very rich colonial history. It is a very accurate, interesting place to visit, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A good time of year makes this a great beach vacation, and if you plan it carefully, it can be very cheap.

As flights to Kenya from the United States are quite expensive, it is best to take advantage of them while you are there. Car rental is very cheap, but you have to be careful not to get off the beaten track. A great way to save is to get your own 4×4 part և explore the national park without expensive guides. As long as you follow the rules, you will be good for safety. If you are on a budget, stay away from the big hotel chains և choose something that is truly African.


Cheap Car Rental – 5 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Car Rental

No need to spend money on luxury car rental no matter what plans you have. As long as it is comfortable, safe, able to run properly, whatever one wants. Whether you are traveling from the city on a weekend getaway, want to spend a few nights in a big city like Vegas or go to the beach with your family, here are some things you need to know about finding cheap rental cars. :

1. Do not rent a car at the airport until you have a choice. More often than not, it is much cheaper to rent on the “outside the airport” website. Carefully compare the rates of different rental companies throughout the city. Consider other means of transportation to get to your hotel from the airport until you can reach the hire center.

2. Find out if you are eligible for any club / membership discount. Many corporations have a company code that can be used to obtain travel-related discounts. There are bonuses for club members, government employees, etc.

3. B Beware of hidden fees. The transaction price on the offer page may seem nice, but once the checkout process starts, the price may go up a lot more than what you have calculated for sales tax, vehicle license fees, arena rentals, or anything else. Number of hidden payments. This is especially true for deals that look really good, such as “less than $ 20 a day” offers. Find out in advance whether you will be required to return the car in full tank, as if you do not pay, you may be fined. If this is a requirement, make sure it is completed for you upon arrival.

4. Do not fall for the “horror stories”, the clerks will try to tell you to buy you insurance. For most drivers, this is an unnecessary addition. You must first contact your insurance company to confirm that your rental car rental is already covered. Some credit card companies also provide conflict coverage. However, if you travel abroad, your car insurance և (or) credit card company’s chances of getting international car rental insurance are reduced. In this case, it may be necessary to include it in your lease.

5. Use online price comparison tools to show a list of all vehicle rentals at once on your planned travel dates. Doing so is much easier than checking with one rental company at a time just to find out if they are offering cheap rental cars for the date you need.


The ideal place to find and compare rental car prices is online. There are websites that help you find deals on everything from pickup trucks to cabriolets. If you are not a voter, you just want to check out some cheap rental cars, you will find a lot.


Heavenly Ghana Tour


The Republic of Ghana is located in West Africa. The country has a variety of relief: beaches, deserts, highlands. The weather conditions are ideal for foreigners. However, Ghana is the closest country to the equator. therefore, it mainly has a warm-humid climate during the year. Due to its different locations, Ghana has beautiful celestial places, which attracts many tourists to Ghana.

Requirements / information.

The only requirement to visit Ghana is the following. Passport – a visa issued by the home government. An exception for ECOWAS citizens is that their travel certificates are valid if a passport is not available. Vaccinations, especially vaccinations against malaria, cholera and yellow fever, should be considered before visiting Ghana. Medical facilities outside Accra are limited. The currency of Ghana is called “Cedi”, where $ 1 is equal to 14,055.8 cedi. All major international credit cards are accepted in Ghana.


The most important thing is to follow the horses of Ghana. These include bowing your knees, paying homage to a high-ranking official, shaking hands, always using your right hand to gather food, as well as paying for tips, commonly known as “dashes” in Ghana. It is very important to get permission before taking a photo.

Fly և fall down.

Flight, basic goods և accommodation is not a problem. You just have to do a little research to find the best package for them. Cheap flights to Accra, Ghana thanks to travel agencies, In terms of hotels և accommodation, guesthouses և 1st hotels are common. Even booking at 2-5 star hotels is not a difficult task. Car rental can be easily done according to one’s wish. Long-term rental with or without driver or driver.

Enjoying Ghana.

All the necessary arrangements հետո After receiving the information, you should know the places to visit in Ghana ությունները entertainment. Ghana is a country of rich cultural heritage, BC. 1500’s ancient history, traditions, events, nightlife, food, wine, fashion և style. When a traveler starts touring Ghana, all worries are forgotten. Beaches must be visited if one has the opportunity to travel to Accra. To name a few, Coco Beach և Bojo Beach are two great beaches. Archaeological sites increase the interest of tourists.

Cape Coast և St. George’s Cave Castle are two such sites that tell beautiful stories about Ghana’s glorious past. The National Museum of Ghana is a good choice for history buffs. Those interested in nature և adventures will definitely love the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial և Kakum National Park. Makola Market is a popular place to shop. However, it is advisable to shop in Ghana with the locals to get the best guidance, to avoid being misled or gently robbed. For entertainment, travelers should keep a calendar of Ghanaian cultural, traditional and social events.

The traditional celebrations of the villagers continue throughout the year. Meanwhile, the Accra beauty pageant, concerts and various other shows are very exciting. Music festivals, food: wine festivals և many other celebrations are part of Ghana’s life. Moreover, for night entertainment և for food try to do club work ել eat out at Zan’s bar և restaurant,, Monsoon և Mama Mia. There is an endless list of restaurants and bars that make Ghana a great place for food and wine lovers.